North Carolina Music Scene

If you were to do an online search for “top music scenes” in the United States chances

are NC is not going to be first on that list.  Long established music cities such as Nashville, New York, and New Orleans often dominate the top of that list. There is no denying the quality of the music coming out of the above mentioned cities but if you really want to find fresh new creative music you have to look outside the “norm”. We might not be known as the top spot in the US for music but one thing is for sure….North Carolina is currently on fire with emerging artists of all different style and there is no shortage of performance venues presenting these artists on any given night of the week.

The Tar Heel state is diverse in nature. From the huge coast line all the way up to the Appalachian mountains there are many cities that are completely unique in style with a wide range of creative individuals that call this state home. (luckily for us). This massive range in culture is a large reason for the diverse music scene and the collaborations between these different subcultures are leading way to a huge surge of original music.

We intend on bringing you updates of NC bands as well as out of state bands touring through our beautiful state. From tour schedules, show highlights, reviews ad interviews we will be promoting all the bands, venues, fans, and industry who are responsible for our scene!

Check back for more information.



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